Welcome to Vollmer Farms in East Syracuse

We're closed for the Season! See you in the Spring!  

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Thank you for supporting our local family farm!

Another season is over, and we want to thank you for supporting our local family farm this year. We look forward to seeing you again in the spring! 

What will your garden grow next year?

We hope you experienced a wonderful growing season! Maybe you're new to gardening and want to try something new next year. Or, maybe you're a seasoned gardener.  Whichever you are, we'll be here in the spring to answer your questions and help you to plan your garden! 

Prepare your perennials for the winter now!

Now is a great time to cut back any dead stalks and leaves or mulch and cover more delicate perennials. It's also a good time to draw a diagram or take pictures on your phone while you can see where your perennials are. That way you can plan any changes you want to your garden early in the spring. 

Organize your pots for next year!

Make next year's planning and planting easier by organizing all your flower pots and hangers now. Removing dead matter now and putting them in one place will save you time next year. Also remember that clay and ceramic pots should be emptied before winter to avoid breakage. 

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Plan now for next year's events!

If you have a summer wedding or shower this year, you can save money and create a more personalized event using the flowers in your own garden! Now's the time to look through garden and wedding magazines to plan your special event. 

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About Us

A Family Farm since 1925

Vollmer Farms is a family farm that has been in its current location since 1925. It was purchased by Bennett Vollmer at the age of 25.  It was here that he and his wife grew vegetables with the the help of his three sons. Eventually two of the sons took over the farm and also began to grow ornamental plants along with their vegetable starter plants. Bennett's grandson, Dave, now runs the vegetable farm and greenhouses along with some very dedicated employees. 

Sandy is Ready to Welcome You

We don't know how old Sandy, our farm cat, really is... but he's ready and waiting to see you this season! 

The Knowledge to Help Your Garden Grow

Our plants are grown right here at the farm, You can see them growing in different stages in our greenhouses and talk to the people who grow them and care for them... people who are avid gardeners themselves. That knowledge translates into success for our customers, and that's why we love what we do! 


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See you in the spring!

Our Farm is now closed for the winter and will re-open in the spring. Thank you for supporting our local family farm! 

Vollmer Farms

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